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I’m Jam, The Storyteller 

I’m a commercial and wedding photographer since 2012and I am currently based in Cardiff, Wales. I moved to the United Kingdom from the Philippines when I was 17 years old. I love the outdoors and road trips, fan of basketball, and I do love Japanese food.

Over the years I’ve developed the ability to assess locations quickly, working to produce beautiful images in any situation I find myself in.

What draws me to photography is, and always has been, the people: meeting new faces, hearing memorable stories, and being trusted with the honour of sharing those memorable stories with others.

I am lucky because I’ve turned my dream job into something I get to do forever. I love real moments, keeping shoots active, and capturing people’s true personalities. My goal behind every shoot is to make everyone as comfortable as possible. Honestly speaking, I feel like I am always having fun with this job. That’s the beauty of it: you take something you love, run with it and see life through lens.

It’s a privilege I do not take for granted. And I would love to continue my passion in sharing and capturing your unforgettable moments.

I love to take photographs of things both unseen and familiar, so let me capture your story and let the world know by making a statement without saying a word.

I am Jumarey Mosuela, your Storyteller.

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